In an increasingly demanding and complex regulatory environment it is crucial to be able to call on a firm with experience and expertise. theBPO, being the compliance services company, has assisted in the formation of hundreds of businesses that are now contributing to the country’s economic development. We have been consistently providing services for Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) compliance matters, allowing them to conduct business with ease, due diligence, and by preventing unnecessary litigation with the Commission.

Company Formation Services:

In Pakistan, theBPO provides company registration services in all major cities, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. We assist our clients with the required paperwork, procedures, and confirmation from Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP). Many business people tend to register a private limited company as one of their chosen business structures. Getting the company licenced has a significant impact on the business in terms of building confidence and attracting other people to collaborate with you. In Pakistan, a private limited company or any other kind of company must be registered in accordance with the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

Different Types of Pakistani Private Limited Companies:

Currently, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan permits the formation of two types of private limited companies:

Only one director may be registered as a single member private limited company.

Two directors are required for a private limited company.

Moreover, we also assist our clients with correspondence, presentations, hearings, and responses to the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP). We help in order to get rid of any observations that were issued during the company’s incorporation or registration.

Company Statutory Filings & Liaison with Authorities

theBPO is the most credible name to call if you have a document that needs to be legally sound and defendable in any court of law, whether in Pakistan or elsewhere. Any corporation is mandated by law to perform these mandatory tasks once a year,

  • On or before October 31st, hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the previous fiscal year.
  • Obtaining shareholder approval for the Company’s Annual Audited Accounts.
  • The Company’s Auditors are appointed and their remuneration is set.
  • Filing of the Company’s Annual Return with SECP for the purpose of reporting all business matters to the Corporate Regulator.
  • Filling out Form-29 to disclose any changes in the Company Officers, including Directors and the CEO.

A statutory return is a form of a document that must be filled out by the company’s registrar or the SECP in accordance with various provisions of the Companies Ordinance of 1984. A statutory return is a form that includes basic details about the business. The return, however, becomes a public record when it is filed with the registrar of companies, and everyone can access it.

theBPO provides this service to your company for compliance and return filing to prevent any delays in mandatory filing and the payment of any penalties, late filing fines, or other penalties imposed by the law.

Secretarial Compliances

Our experts have an in-depth knowledge and full understanding of our clients’ corporate affairs. As a result, our team of corporate secretarial experts is uniquely qualified to support them in every way possible, ensuring that their affairs are handled efficiently and effectively.

Each company in Pakistan must ensure that it meets all of its legal and financial obligations. However, it’s easy to lose sight of all of these requirements – particularly those that are subject to change – while you’re focused on critical business operations. Our corporate secretarial services are available to assist both domestic and international companies in maintaining ongoing enforcement.

With so many and varied regulatory requirements, the theBPO has a depth of experience that can help to reduce the likelihood of non-compliance. We will use it to relieve you of the burden of complexity and strengthen your growth.

Our corporate secretarial service include:

  • Resolutions for board member and officer appointments and resignations
  • Creating minutes for general and special board meetings
  • Assistance with the creation of new businesses
  • Ensure that all laws governing inbound foreign investment are followed to the letter.

Developing Policies & Procedures Manual:

Due to a lack of resources and time, developing and updating policies and procedures is frequently pushed to the bottom of the priority list. A key factor in running a successful organization is establishing clear and consistent policies and procedures.

If you need to develop policies and procedures from the scratch due to changes in your business or a newly implemented regulatory requirement, our expert and experienced team at RSM can help. Alternatively, changes in your business situation can necessarily require updating or improving existing policies and procedures.